Jewish Day School
15749 NE 4th Street
Bellevue, WA 98008



Greenstein Athletic Center
The 12,000 square foot Greenstein Athletic Center features numerous green design elements. State of the art energy modeling software was used to develop a natural ventilation system for the main gym along with hydronic radiators and ventilators. They included high levels of insulation and natural lighting from skylights which illuminate the gym during most of the school day. The facility includes low VOC interior finishes which preserve the air quality and reduce eye or respiratory infections from exposure. Durable exterior materials, including concrete block and metal siding and roofing, were selected to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Facilities Rules
1. JDS is a green campus. Please recycle your plastic bottles and paper waste.
2. No idling in the school parking lot. Please turn-off your car engines while you wait to pick-up your daughter from a training session.
3. JDS is a kosher campus. Please keep this in mind when consuming any food on the premises out of respect for the facility and it's primary occupants.
4. All food and drink to be consumed outside off the hardwood in the gym hallways.
5. Only shoes with non-marking soles permitted in the gym.
6. Return all JDS equipment in the same condition and in the proper storage place location.